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Journey with us.

OutSupport UK (CIC) works to promote and provide the LGBTQ+ community with resources, action and projects that can support and promote better wellbeing, resilience, confidence and strength.

Join us. Make the journey together. 




A male gay youth studying in the bedroom

Why the Journey started

OutSupport UK has been set up in response to the journey of one individual who from their teenage years through to their 40s struggled with their sexuality and coming out. For them this was a life of silent struggle that impacted confidence, self-esteem, caused anxiety and brought about depression. It was one that eventually saw growth, confidence and strength, laughter, fun and living. 


This journey, an individual but shared one for many in the LGBTQ+ community is one of 'coming out' into a straight world that might seem trivial with all the world's problems but is still a trauma that has taken lives. Our world where the fight for acceptance and equality has been and continues to be is protested is echoed where the vulnerable are pushed down. This fight is for everyone.


Pause a moment and consider those who have lost lives in the past through ignorance, hate and injustice - traits that continue today, this minute. 

At OutSupport UK we want to support personal journeys by putting in place resources to build resilience, grow confidence and unlock potential. You are never alone so reach out.

Join us and discover more. Subscribe for newsletters, contact or volunteer with us. 

OutSupport UK would like to thank our friends for their support in getting this far.

The Project

Our services are designed to help LGBTQ+ individuals navigate challenge to build a stronger, healthier and more connected life.

A lesbian couple enjoying life

Not alone

We don't want anyone in the LGBTQ+ community not knowing where to turn and we want to provide a toolkit where resilience can be built, self-esteem can be nurtured and confidence can grow.

We don't want this journey to be alone and we want to work with others to ensure a network of support options that promote positive mental health, physical activity, recreation, arts, sports, education and training combined with the provision of safe social spaces that are positive for the LGBTQ+ community.


We believe that resilience is the strongest tool a person can have, lets build it together to fight another day.

Young gay man looking for help


Our resource toolkit contains support that you may need and information that can help make knowing which way to turn a little easier. 

We don't want to speed an individuals path but to support it so that members of the LGBTQ+ community can flourish, be proud and be empowered to start working toward becoming the best that an without regret or fear.

Loving male gay couple living their lives

OutSupport Active

Community is everyone. But sometimes the busiest city can be the loneliest place. The social media platform the unfriendliest. The smallest village the most isolating.  No matter what age, we want to reduce the experience of loneliness and isolation.

We want to promote positive wellbeing, staying active and staying healthy. We want to build a network of sessions through our OutSupport UK offer with an aim to bring community to places where there is little or no LGBTQ+ support. 

June 2024 will see OutSupport volunteer with Banbury Pride to deliver a packed weekend for everyone! 


Gay Man with Tattoo

Advocacy and Campaigns

We work to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and campaign for change to create a more inclusive and equal society.

This website is about the support that was accessed on their journey in discovering themselves, in them 'coming out' and moving on with life.


It is about the support they received and the information and advice they would have liked to have done. It is about putting projects together that could have supported but were not available locally.


The tools that are there can be great, those that are not we want to put into place. ​


Support us all today

By donating today you are supporting the LGBTQ+ community in knowing where to turn when help is needed. Thank you. 

You are helping our aim to build a resource base and set up a local network of events that can build positive mental health, offer physical activity, recreation, arts, sports, education and training to the LGBTQ+ community. 


We are a registered Community interest Company (CIC) in the UK. We seek funding through partners and thank them and you for your support. 

Our current fund raising is targeting the setting up of events and sessions in the Oxfordshire area!

Gay Man Sitting on Stairs

Donate by QR code - hold your phone camera to code or click the link


We have chosen to use The co-operative Bank for their Ethical values in supporting human rights and equality.

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