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The resources here are a gateway to support options through LGBTQ+ partners.

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Resources A - Z

With useful resources gathered in one place you can use this as your one stop resource centre. Money, housing, benefits, fitness, mental health and more this is your A - Z.

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LGBTQ+ places and business

We want you to support our journey in mapping the very best in LGBTQ+ business across the UK. Let us know the places where you found community. This could be a social event that you know regularly happens or a business that you support.

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The books that helped the journey. From classic to modern LGBTQ+ literature. 

We want to be transparent and let you know that the links in books are affiliated.

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Events and sessions

We work to raise raise funds that support resource access and setting up Journey groups for the LGBTQ+ community. We support LGBTQ+ issues and campaign for change to create a more inclusive and equal society. 

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On The Terraces

Sent in by the author this guide aims to aid your club in being inclusive and support the supporter enjoy the beautiful game.

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A guide to Hitchin by Katie Wilson

Kindly sent in this short guide highlights the Town of Hitchin and it's inclusive outlook in support of all residents.

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